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Supers (Book One): A Little Star Past Cassiopeia

Supers (Book One): A Little Star Past Cassiopeia

by Frédéric Maupomé and Dawid

ISBN 978-1-60309-439-9 - Diamond: AUG180832

$14.99 (US)

"Skill, insight, and grace... [make] Supers look, read, and feel more like literature than your average superhero comic… it’s both promising and intriguing." — School Library Journal's Good Comics for Kids

“A great adventure that will delight young and old alike.” Bande à Bulle

"Grabbing you with its action (midnight mischief, combat), its themes (teamwork, self-improvement, coming of age, friendship, love), its humor, and its freshness, Supers pleases right away…. one of the most beautiful young-fantasy comics in recent years.” Comixtrip

ACBD Award Winner! Real life meets super-powered action when three refugee siblings start a new school year as the ultimate illegal aliens.

“Will you tell me about Mom?”
“I don’t remember much, you know.”
“You can make it up. I don’t mind.”

Matt, Lily, and Benji aren’t from around here. Abandoned on planet Earth, hiding far from their home, they can’t even use their powers in public, for fear of being discovered. Starting at a new school is hard enough already…

Supers won the first ever Youth Award from ACBD (the French Association of Comics Critics) thanks to its rich blend of family tension, super-thrills, and classroom drama, all presented in gorgeous full-color artwork. Now it’s your turn to meet these awesome immigrants. Welcome to the family! -- a 112-page, full-color softcover graphic novel with French flaps, 6.5" x 9”