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The Unpetables

The Unpetables

by Dennis Messner

ISBN 978-1-60309-523-5

$9.99 (US)

Pigmund and Lizárdo have declared independence from their petting zoo. They’re striking out on their own as THE UNPETABLES — offering themselves as “freelance pets” to all kinds of crazy customers. But whatever pet job this pot-bellied pig and iguana take, they have one simple rule: NO MORE PETTING! Will Pigmund and Lizárdo find the freedom they’re looking for? Or will Maintenance Man Kenny finally catch them and take them back to Uncle Milo’s All Natural Petting Zoo? Hitch a ride on the nearest chicken and pick up this laugh-a-minute graphic novel, full of rambunctious action and irresistible creativity. -- an 88-page, black & white, softcover graphic novel with 3" French flaps, 5.5” x 8.5” (portrait)