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by Jeffrey Brown

ISBN 978-1-891830-56-3 - Diamond: AUG043100

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"... Besides being a superior parody, Bighead slyly reveals the author's personal issues and in some ways, everyone's." -- Andrew Arnold, Time

"Bighead is great, great fun to read; it crackles with energy and a love for the genre of the super hero. Brown takes the silly conventions that weigh down the "cape and tights" books and sets them free with a wink and an elbow." -- Shawn Hoke, Comic World News

Jeffrey Brown is back -- and with a Bighead, no less! From the creator of Clumsy and Be A Man comes an irreverent and clever superhero parody, featuring the most amazing hero of all time: Bighead. Witness inept villains clash with an all-too-emotional hero, in the epic graphic novel that will leap all clich├ęs in a single bound. Bighead brings together moral fable, social commentary and classic comic book action, featuring a superhero who must save an unthankful world while facing the demons of his own failures. -- 128 pages



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