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Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken (Book 3): Macaroni and Bees?!?

Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken (Book 3): Macaroni and Bees?!?

by Ray Friesen

ISBN 978-1-60309-497-9

$9.99 (US)

Coming Soon

Your favorite Flightless Fighting Friends, those Bouncy Battle Birds are back! They never left! They’ve been standing right behind you this whole time! But in a fun way, not a creepy way. Don’t turn around. Or do! I’m not the boss of you.

Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken (Book Three): Macaroni and BEES?!? contains:

-- A big pile of random comics on important topics such as werewolf shampoo, frivolous time travel, and anti-gravity popcorn
-- Absolutely no Macaroni OR Bees
-- The Top Secret Long Lost origin story of Pirate Penguin (hint: he’s probably from space)
-- AND finally, after all this time, the ultimate versus, to decide who will win the friendship once and for all! (hint: Ninja Chicken)

Also! As a bonus, using state of the art inflatable-origami-technology, this book can transform into over 8 types of hats, to help you express your entire personality through headgear, the Pirate Penguin Way. Note: any folding or inflating of this book may cause it to get ruined forever, but it’s totally fine, don’t worry about it. -- 64-page full-color hardcover graphic novel, 6.5” x 8.5”

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