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by Jeffrey Brown

ISBN 978-1-891830-41-9

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"Mr. Brown seems to understand perfectly the day-to-day rhythms of the modern 'young adult' relationship. Unlikely, like his first book Clumsy, is pretty much impossible to put down." -- Daniel Clowes, creator of Ghost World, Art School Confidential, and Eightball

"A million little brilliant and honest moments are sewn into the rough panels of Unlikely." -- Wil Moss, NewCity Chicago

Following Jeffrey Brown's debut hit, Clumsy, Unlikely continues to explore the nature of relationships in this story of how Jeffrey Brown lost his virginity. A full-length graphic novel of excruciating detail and intimacy, drawn in an awkward style that both disarms the reader and heightens the emotional impact of the work. -- 256 pages, Diamond: STAR19113


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