News / 2022 brings a new life for Alan Moore's debut novel!

2022 brings a new life for Alan Moore's debut novel!

November 3, 2021

"A burning bush of a novel full of earthy wonder and wisdom, Voice of the Fire is a head-spinning trip down time’s sacred whirlpool." — The Village Voice

Returning in a gorgeous new paperback format: the astonishing first prose novel from the legendary Alan Moore — an epic yet intimate portrait of a single English town across the whole span of human history.

In a story full of lust, madness, and ecstasy, we meet twelve distinctive characters that lived in the same region of central England over the span of six thousand years. Their narratives are woven together in patterns of recurring events, strange traditions, and uncanny visions.

With a new cover design by John Coulthart.

Voice of the Fire (25th Anniversary Edition) by Alan Moore
ISBN 978-1-60309-507-5 | Diamond: NOV210422 | $9.99 (US)
5" x 8" | 304 pages
Softcover prose novel | for mature readers (16+)
Co-Published by Top Shelf Productions (USA) & Knockabout (UK).
Coming MARCH 2022!
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