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Top Shelf's Comic-Con is HUUUGE!

July 13, 2013

You know about our massive plans for March: Book One with Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell... But that's just the beginning of our Comic-Con extravaganza!

Rob Harrell debuts the delightful MONSTER ON THE HILL!

Acclaimed comic strip artist Rob Harrell joins the Top Shelf family with a thrilling, funny, and beautifully drawn graphic novel adventure, set to charm the pants off readers of all ages. He's coming out from Texas for his first ever Comic-Con, so give him a warm welcome... and there might just be some Monster on the Hill trading cards there too!

Mark Russell & Shannon Wheeler launch the faithfully funny GOD IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU!

This comedy adaptation of the Bible isn't just a wry and witty take on the world's most popular book -- it's a surprisingly authentic condensation of the original text. This is a hilarious read that appeals to cynics and believers alike, as well as a gorgeous gift object with sumptuous production values. And now's your chance to get it signed by the authors! Well, by Mark and Shannon anyway. Getting God's signature is up to you.

Jeffrey Brown reveals "his most personal work to date," A MATTER OF LIFE!

At the same time that Jeffrey's DARTH VADER parenting books are blowing the lid off bestseller lists, he's also pushed himself to tackle the big questions in this stunning meditation on fatherhood and faith -- and in full color! NPR says it "will sit next to Craig Thompson's Blankets as one of the most touching and wise graphic memoirs we have about growing up in a religious household."

Zander Cannon takes you all to HECK!

Acclaimed cartoonist Zander Cannon has decades of experience on high-profile projects from Alan Moore to Transformers -- but only now has he brought those mighty talents to bear on a full-length solo graphic novel! And boy, Heck is a powerful book, in every sense -- thrilling muscular action, elegantly chunky ink-work, and intense emotional stakes. Meet Zander and grab the regular hardcover or the deluxe signed & numbered bundle!

Unmissable programming!

The Comic Art Creations of Civil Rights Legends - Tying into March, Andrew Aydin and other scholars discuss the history of comics in the civil rights movement. (Friday, 1pm, Room 26AB)
Spotlight on Jeffrey Brown - Spilling the beans on his three new books this year, and more! (Friday, 4:30pm, Room 8)
March: Book One - a feature presentation with Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, & Nate Powell! (Saturday, 10AM, Room 23ABC)
Top Shelf Productions - featuring our top talents sharing behind-the-scenes gold, and exclusive breaking news on the digital comics front! (Saturday, noon, Room 4)
Beautiful Books: Graphic Design in Comics and Graphic Novels, featuring our own Chris Ross working his visual magic! (Saturday, 5pm, Room 4)

Plus many more great cartoonists: here's the full lineup!

See you in San Diego...

And stay tuned for one more update coming soon, with a massive bundle of digital news for those who can't make it to Comic-Con!