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Jeff Lemire wins the Shuster Award!

August 25, 2013

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Jeff Lemire is on a roll!

After winning top honors for his rural epic Essex County (the American Library Association’s Alex Award, the Doug Wright Award, and the Joe Shuster Award) and creating the beloved 3+ year serial Sweet Tooth, he returned to the graphic novel form with The Underwater Welder, immediately earning rave reviews from all corners: the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, NPR, the CBC, Publishers Weekly, ComicsAlliance, Barnes & Noble Review, and countless more.

Now, not only has The Underwater Welder received two Harvey Award nominations, we're delighted to report that Jeff Lemire has just won the Joe Shuster Award — again! For the second time, he is officially the year's Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Cartoonist / Créateur Canadien Exceptionnel de Bandes Dessinées. The award recognizes his final year of Sweet Tooth as well as The Underwater Welder.